Mortal Kombat - Deadly Alliance Cheat Codes

2500 moedas: Digite o nome do perfil como "KWIKKASH"

Personagens escondidos:
Shang Tsung: Unlock Koffin FF (7500 Koins)
Quan Chi: Unlock Koffin AI (4500 Koins)
Kano: Beat Arcade Mode on Normal
Sub-Zero: Beat Arcade Mode on Easy
Kitana: Beat Arcade Mode on Very Easy

Arenas Ocultas:
The Portal: Unlock Koffin AD (2250 Koins)
House of Pekara: Unlock Koffin FK (2500 Koins)
The Swamp: Unlock Koffin FK (2500 Koins)
Spy Facility: Unlock Koffin HE (2750 Koins)

Extras escondidos:

Free Test Your Might: Unlock Koffin AE (12500 Koins)
Free Test Your Sight: Unlock Koffin BI (10000 Koins)

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